I’m a freelance visual designer.

Available for commercial and non-commercial projects.
10+ years experience working in the media field in Denmark with 6 years as a freelancer.
I have a generalist approach with a very flexible mindset and I'm accustomed to working for
international clients on demanding projects with tight deadlines.

I have skills in motion design, compositing, 3D & 2D animation and I work mainly with
Cinema4D+Octane, After Effects, Premiere, Illustrator & Photoshop.

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3D REEL + VFX FREELANCE REEL                                                                        

A mix of my latest personal 3D work made mainly with C4D + Octane + AE. Plus a reel of my work for international clients
like The Coca-Cola Company, Amazon, Vogue, Disney+, WWF, LEGO, Carlsberg & more.                     


Check my references with :
Morten GrubakGlobal Executive Creative Director at VICE / VIRTUE FUTURES
Sara Samsøe -  Executive Producer & Head of Production at New Land
Sandra Vinge - Head of Post-Production at Uitch Iscratch